The Eritrean Struggle in South Africa

Eritrean teacher, Thomas Selun: “When I refused to go to the military camp, they took my father and arrested him for two weeks. To get him back home I had to sacrifice my freedom. I went to the military camp so that he would be released, but I had a plan to escape.”

Solomon Gebrekristos: “Fleeing Eritrea to arrive in South Africa was like leaving hell to live in heaven. Eritrea is like an open prison, whether you’re inside or outside jail.” Solomon spent three months in a Kenyan prison after he was caught with illegal papers. He was granted asylum in South Africa.

Meron Okbandrias: “I cannot go back home to Eritrea as long as the current government is still in power. It’s a hard reality to accept. My mother and father passed away and I couldn’t even attend their funerals.”

Tesfagabir Berhe Tesfu: “When there is democracy in a certain country, not only the citizens but even the non-citizens like us Eritreans get a platform to express our thoughts freely.”