Shane Horan

Shane Horan’s Alubum: The Humans of Eritrea

“To travel to Eritrea is like travelling nowhere else in the world. If, like me, you have a hankering for off the beaten track destinations, then this truly is the place for you. You will likely be one of a handful of foreign visitors in the country and unlike in the DPRK, you are given freedom to roam around by yourself, mingle with locals, and sample the Italian inspired coffee culture, art deco architecture, and vibrant night life.

Eritrea wows visitors with its stunning landscapes, deserted Red Sea beaches, and unique culture—but for me the real prizewinning attraction it it’s people.

Eritreans are extremely warm and curious. They will approach you in the street to talk openly about their country and the problems facing it. Many are diaspora who have returned to try and stem the tide of emigration and build the country up again from the inside. They’re keen to spread a message of hope and determination to the outside world, a message that goes against the images the world knows – images of refugee camps and flimsy migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea.”