Saeid Mohammed Ali

Saeid Mohammed Ali: an Eritrean high school student who discovered three new mathematical theorems

Mr. Saied said “What I worked hard was how to convert the double angle formula into double angle theorem and the other is to convert a triple angle formula into triple angle triangle theorem.”  These two theorems, which are named after his name, could now solve different mathematical problems in geometry, survey, physics, mathematics, astronomy and navigation.

He said “The tuition free education I am provided with in my homeland, Eritrea, is the very source for the success I have so far achieved. If it was not so, I could not reach this level of achievement.” Saied’s third theorem named as Eritrea’s Theorem 2012 is published in International Journal of Mathematics Research Vol. 4 NO. 4. What is unique about the third theorem of 2012? The main idea in this theorem is that one could generate a new formula through multiplying the three angles of a triangle. What is different in this theorem is that one could find the other angles of a triangle based only on the given hypotenuse.