Iman Ibrahim

Eritrean Muslim talks back at

  • “Believe it or not, we don’t purposely place ourselves in questionable environments that could potentially jeopardize our safety.”
  • “Does it really seem right to you that everybody else in this country gets to publicly represent their religion freely, [but] we have to compromise our look to a demeaning disguise in order to accommodate America’s stereotypical image of what looks less threatening?”
  • “Being more lenient with your sons than your daughters is not common sense — but rather the root of why we are accused of being oppressive to muslim women.”
  • “Not only is it unfortunate to have to sacrifice the constitutional right to publicly express your religion…but it is even more disheartening to feel threatened for visibly practicing your religion.”

We at MuslimGirl are taking back the narrative. We use our own voices to speak up for ourselves. We are raising the place of Muslim women in mainstream society. We are drawing awareness to the Qur’an’s message of gender equality and Islam’s principle of peace. We are paving the way towards a world in which every woman can raise her head without fear of being attacked for her gender or beliefs.”