Ibrahim Omer

Ibrahim Omer spoke at a public hearing today at Parliament, where there were calls to double the country’s refugee quota.

Mr Omer, who fled Eritrea and faced deportation back there from Sudan in 2008, said his life changed the day New Zealand accepted him under its 750-a-year quota.

“I had a very limited options. Either to be shot, or get arrested and to be languishing underground or [in] metal shipping containers somewhere in the desert, or to make it safe to Sudan – that was the third option.”

This is what Mr. Justin Lester, Mayor of Wellington City, Aotearoa New Zealand, said about Ibrahim Omer

Ibrahim Omer is a refugee from Eritrea and moved to New Zealand in 2008. He worked up to 80 hour weeks to put himself through university and today, he graduated along with hundreds of others from Victoria University. Chuffed to be there on his special day, and proud to call him a good friend.”