Haile Debas, MD

Haile Debas, MD, founding executive director of UCSF Global Health Sciences

Debas said he frequently is asked what gives him the most hope in the face of constant turmoil all over the planet.

“For that, I do not hesitate a second,” he said. “The answer is the young generation, the millennial generation, the first generation to consider itself truly global. It is undeterred by space and time. Just look at your class.”

Students in the class of 2012 grew up in a dozen different countries, speak at least 11 languages and arrived from many distinct disciplines, with research paths that have taken them to no less than 16 countries, he noted.

“This is true globalism,” said Debas, adding that the students’ varied backgrounds, passion, energy and commitment have infused the program with vitality and have made it “a unique environment of intellectual discourse, friendship and sharing.”