Filmon Tesfalem

A Great Student and Emerging Author

I’m from Adi Kalebet, a small village near Mai-Mine in Zoba Debub. I’m the first born…with 5 siblings. I had a great childhood. Full of fun and wonderful memories. I spent a lot of time outdoors with my friends and siblings. We played games and football. At the same time, I also helped the family with different things like farming and tending to the animals.”

“I’ve long wanted to write a book…I thought about this one for about 5 years! Generally, the first time doing anything can be challenging, but I was sure to continue reading and looking to work with others to help develop my ideas. I’d recommend that prospective authors read… actually everyone should read… but better readers are better authors. Additionally, it’s important to develop contacts and networks that you can share ideas with and discuss your writing. “