Elsabel Yemane

Yayemarieba Interview with Eritrean Model Elsabel Yemane

I wanted to interview her because I wanted to know about the experience of an Eritrean fabulafricana . I wanted to know who she was at the heart, why she became a model, why she was inspired to be a journalist student at the same time while she could have just gone and focus on her modelling career. She’s signed to Elite/South Africa and Profile Models.

How do define yourself?

I would define myself as an all around fun loving, social, caring person. I can be shy sometimes, over confident other times. I try to adapt to people and my surroundings.

How long have you been modelling and how hard is it for you to pursue both your studying and your modelling?

I’ve only recently took on studying and modelling at the same time. My new agency, Profile Models, are great. They’ve been putting me forward for a lot of jobs and I’m lucky to only be studying 3 evenings a week, therefore the two don’t often collide.