Asamara Beraki

Asmara Beraki: “Anywhere Else”

Anywhere Else, set in Washington D.C., where you grew up, is autobiographical, about your Eritrean father, who played himself in the film. You wrote and directed the film, why this theme and why did you choose to tell the story in this way?
Even if the basis of a story is autobiographical the process of making a script and a film destroys, re-conceptualizes, and re-temporalizes the experiences that I only see those characters as themselves.  I wanted to tell my father’s story, how I saw it in a particular moment, and I wanted to explore characters who feel displaced.  It is a feeling that I will probably return to in future films.  I am interested in floating people, and in uprootment: a sense of feeling acutely the accident of birth and place.